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HSL Computers and Laptops

PC Workstations:

There are 26 networked PC workstations in the Library for students and researchers to use for academic purposes, such as searching the catalogue, accessing electronic databases and e-journals, using our digital collections, carrying out research on the internet, and writing up projects, assignments, or papers.

Facilities for laptop users: 

Wireless hotspots are distributed throughout the Libraries, enabling laptop users to access the internet and the UCT network. There are also many study tables equipped with power sockets and network points for connecting to the network by cable.

How to connect your laptop to the UCT network: 

It is no longer necessary to register your laptop at ICTS. You can connect to the UCT network yourself by following the instructions given on the Networking pages of the ICTS web site.

Help with connecting to the network in the Library is available in the Wolfson Lab on Level 7.